an Android client for Joomla!

"Turned my Android into a full blogging device, creating on the spot content has never been faster for Joomla. I love this extension and app!"

  • Manage your content everywhere

    Easily manage content on your Joomla website with your Android device just when you need it. Create and edit articles and categories, add, remove and reorder frontpage articles. The Draft manager let's you manage article's local copies.

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  • Create multimedia content on the go

    Create articles quickly, without loading web pages, from an intuitive Android native interface. Modify article options like title or category, promote it to frontpage or set article publish date. Use the extremely powerful built-in Joooid editor to create your content within few touches.

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  • Embed images, maps and videos

    A picture is worth a thousand words! Add pictures maps and videos to your articles. Choose pictures from your SD or take them directly with your camera. Add maps with your position or select a position taken with the handy map picker. Share content from your favourites apps directly to Joooid!

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  • Manage online files from your device

    If you need to upload a file directly to your Joomla website you can do it through Joooid Upload Manager. You can also Navigate through files on your Joomla installation and download them or upload files in a specific directory. (Premium Feature)

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  • Manage users groups and access levels

    You can create new users, or edit already created users with their privileges, you can add them to existing user groups or you can create and edit groups, so as access levels. Everything user related configuration is just right in your hands. (Premium Feature)

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  • Menus, Site Settings and the Widget

    Create and manage your menu items with the Menu Items Manager. Edit your website most important settings with Global Configuration. Monitor latest articles published, latest logged-in users and much more with Joooid widget directly on your home screen. (Premium Feature)

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