Joooid 1.1 beta 3

Is out Joooid 1.1 beta 3.

New features:

- finally the EDIT ARTICLE feature is implemented in the article browser

- separated article / readmore in the new post layout

- show password feature to help those having problem with the login

- some graphical refactoring

{morfeo 10}

Updated Joooid 1.1 beta 2 and plugin v1.1

Updated Joooid 1.1 beta 2 now with full support to Uncategorized articles. Now you can publish uncategorize articles and browse them in the Article Manager.

I had to update the plugin to get full support to the Uncategorized articles so please update the plugin to v 1.1.

Soon I will implement the Edit Article feature so stay tuned . . .

Released Joooid 1.1 beta 2

Is out Joooid 1.1 beta 2.

The main new feature is in the layout management now completely modular, you can now add multiple layout textbox in introtext and fulltext.

{morfeo 9}

The draft manager is actually blocked as I have to reimplement this feature in front of these changes.

Bugfix Relase Joooid 1.1 beta

- fixed resolution problems with 480x800 screens

- fixed location problems, now gps will turn off after getting the current location to save batteries