Become an Alpha/Beta Tester

Join Joooid Beta Testers group and help us test alpha/beta release versions of the app. We've create a beta testing group on Google Plus, this group is linked to Google Play and let users download Beta versions of the app for testing purpose, you can always go back to stable relases even if in the Beta testing program. Write at info[at] for more info about the program.

Translate Joooid

Translate Joooid 2.6.0 in your language, there are less than 250 strings to translate. We've implemented a batch converter for Joomla! translations that automatically convert strings to Android format so you have to translate only Joooid specific strings. This is the to the translation file (download), you can translate it and send it to us via email at info[at], you will be mentioned in the translators page on Joooid website.

The translation file is in this format :

<string name="app_name">Joooid</string>

The string to translate is inside the angular parenthesis ( string to translate), the only rule about the translations is that the apostrophe charachter (') should be preceded by a slash (\) like :

<string name="redirect_string">You\'ll be redirect to your website</string>.

We currently need translators for French and Spanish, thank you all for your support.