• data 12/06/2018

    Media Panel

    Learn how to embed Images from your SDCard, Google Photos, Joomla! and Social Networks. Enjoy this video about “Article Editor Social Media Panel”

  • data 12/06/2018

    Camera and Maps

    Learn how to embed images from Camera and Google Maps with your current position to your Joomla! articles. Enjoy this video about "Camera and Maps"

  • data 12/06/2018

    Social Manager

    Learn how to add Social account from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr with this tutorial “Manage Social Accounts”.

  • data 22/12/2009

    Component installation

    This tutorial explains how to install Joooid component manually from your Joomla! backend, this is the manual fallback if the application fails to install the component automatically. 

  • data 29/01/2013

    Component update

    This tutorial explains how to update Joooid manually from from your Joomla! backend, this is the manual fallback if the application fails to update the component automatically.

  • data 22/12/2009

    Debugging the App

    In this tutorial you will find the most common solutions to errors you can have configuring and using the app with your Joomla installation. We assume you already read the installation tutorial and correctly installed the Joooid Component.