Debugging the App

data 22/12/2009

In this tutorial you will find the most common solutions to errors you can have configuring and using the app with your Joomla installation. We assume you already read the installation tutorial and correctly installed the Joooid Component.

Connection error debug/report

When a connection error is raised the application will show a debug dialog. In the dialog you can see a short descritpion of the error, if you tap on report the mail application will open with an auto generated report, in the report you should add as many informations as possible about the error like when and where it raised and possibly the steps to reproduce it, these informations are crucial for us to debug your problem, if you don't add these information we may not answer to your report.

Joooid Debug option in component settings

We added an extra option in the component settings for debugging purpose, when enabled this options will show on purpose all php error in order to debug the problem. The option is called Joooid Debug and it's placed in the Joooid component settings :

Now when you report an error the generated message will also contain the PHP errors generated by the server.

Malformed Response From Server

Malformed response from server : error parsing response from server code XML-PARSER ERROR

This error means that the server response does not contains the expected content. The error is often caused by an html response from the server, when the app does not reach the component for some reasons and an error page is sent as response.

Another very frequent reason is the error_reporting php.ini configuration directive, when this directive is set to E_ALL shows every error/warning/notice in the output and the response gets dirty. To avoid this problem you should ser error_reporting to NONE

Http Status Code 500 HTTP STATUS CODE 500

This error means that there was an error processing the request on the server, this one is the most diffcult to diagnose for us because it's probably a php error and we can't see the reason the error is thrown. In this case the component option Joooid Debug should be very useful: you should enable it and try to raise again the error, this time when you hit report the message will also contain the PHP server errors