Translate Joooid in your language

data 06/11/2017

If your language is not supported in Joooid please consider to submit translations for your language and become a translator. To start the translation process please subscribe to our Beta Community this is the place where we work on translations.

Here a little tutorial on how to translate Joooid in your language, first download the original english translation files :

The files are in xml format so maybe an advanced editor for syntax highlight is a better choice, it should help to check errors in the syntax too. The file is composed by lines like the following : 

<string name="xml_rpc_client_connection">Connecting to server</string>

You should replace the english text with text in your language. There are few things to keep in mind, because it's xml you should "escape" some special chars like the single quote " ' " which you should write as " \' "  or some chars should be replace with their html equivalent like " < " which should be written as " &lt; ". Another thing you will notice is the presence of these symbols " %1$s "  which are placeholders for values calculated at runtime then replaced in the translations strings, leave them be but place them in the right position in your translations, the meaning is described in the string name.

Anyway don't worry if you make mistakes in the xml we'll correct them for you just send the translations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To review the translation we usually make a release in Beta, the translator check if everything works and fits in the app, if there are further adjustments I'll give back the translation file and we start over again. 

Just want to thank all those who all over the years helped us for translations and bugs and so on, thank you all without your support we would not be still here.